Electric Charging Points in Every Town or Village

Conservative Campaigner Alison Thomas stands by an electric charging point in Long Stratton.

Local Conservatives are ensuring that every South Norfolk town or village that wants one can have access to public charging points to help everyone Go Green.

This month we have invited every local Parish or Town Council to suggest places that could have charging points installed close to you . 

Your Conservative-run Council is funding, installing and maintaining the new chargers.  All we’re asking from parish councils are the public places, for example village halls, to host them.  New ‘tap-and-pay’ technology will make the need to install apps on your phone a thing of the past.

And, we’re going further by doubling the number of chargers in our car-parks and installing new ones at our leisure centres.

It’s part of a drive to allow all visitors and residents the chance to charge up – not just those who can park their car in their drive.  The program will start in the Autumn and will ensure that anyone living in flats or terraced streets without dedicated parking spaces can park.