Local Conservatives know that  running a council is a serious business but we never forget our mission to make South Norfolk one of the best places to live in the country.

Your local Conservative Council does so much more than collecting the bins. We re-invest all our income to provide the best quality services whilst making sure that those in need get the support they require promptly and efficiently.

We run the Council in a business-like manner and as a result of our efforts council tax rises in South Norfolk’s are two-thirds less than inflation over the last twelve years, putting hundreds of pounds in your pocket.

South Norfolk Conservatives are independently ranked nationally for running one of the best Councils in the whole country by doing more for less. We are proud of everything we do.

John Fuller

Lisa Neal, John Overton & Trevor Spruce

Florence Ellis

Richard Elliot

Robert Savage & Kevin Hurn

Tony Holden & Jack Hornby

James Knight

Kay Billig

Yvonne Bendle

David Bills, Adrian Dearnley & Phil Hardy

Fleur Curson & Jeremy Savage

Barry Duffin

Nigel Legg & Gerry Francis

Daniel Elmer & William Kemp

Stephen Ridley

James Easter

Martin Wilby

Margaret Dewsbury

Keith Kiddie & Graham Minshull

Alison Thomas

Vic Thomson