Bressingham & Burston – James Easter

Your Conservative Councillor for Bressingham & Burston

Bressingham & Burston ward which comprises 2700 electors in Bressingham • Burston and Shimpling • Fersfield • Gissing • The Heywood • Shelfanger • Tibenham • Winfarthing and is represented by one Councillor 

All across South Norfolk forty six Conservative community champions are standing in this election, each dedicated to solving local problems and growing a stronger economy and creating better lives for local people one family at a time, one street at a time and one place at a time. Here in Bressingham & Burston ward James Easter is the local Conservative Councillor who works hard to improve your life.

About James

James has lived in Shelfanger for the past three years with his wife and family having moved to South Norfolk from Essex. He was employed as a detective in the Metropolitan Police during a career of over 30 years and served throughout the London Metropolitan Police force area. After retiring from the Police he worked as a manager for YMCA Training, helping those who were long-term unemployed find meaningful and lasting employment.

More recently he has moved on to become an Environmental Health advisor in order to assist and support numerous small businesses throughout London and the Home Counties with health and safety issues. Throughout his working life, James has worked with the public and feels that by becoming a District Councillor he will be able to continue to serve the community and be the powerful voice that is seen to be on their side.. He is especially interested in local affairs and feels that rural communities and Parish Councils are underrepresented and need a strong voice to assist them.

Since living in Shelfanger he has become the Chair of the Village Hall and Social club and together with the help of a strong committee has revived the community spirit with fund raising projects and regular events. He enjoys a game of golf, restoring classic cars as well as maintaining his home and garden. James has the enthusiasm, energy and commitment required to be a District Councillor. He cares about people and knows his local area well and will be an effective community champion for local people.

He says “Local people need someone to stand up for them on the local Council and, if elected, I hope to be in a position to get things sorted for local people in local villages.” “I derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from helping those who come to me to solve their problems and I hope that you will support me at the polls

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